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Wireless Charging Portable Power Bank


Wires are just not all that necessary 24/7. If you have a Qi enabled device (iPhone 8, 8+, X, and/or Samsung Galaxy S6 and up), it's about time to start using it how it was suppose to be used! This Power Bank is a magical experience for your wireless charged devices.

Make charging your phone easier than ever, with the Mcdodo Qi Power Bank.

Powered by Qi Technology

It offers 8,000 mAh of battery.

Enough to charge your phone almost 3 full times.

2 USB ports for your other devices.

Meaning you can charge 3 devices simultaneously, 2 with cables and 1 wirelessly. 

How awesome is that?

Very, but not as cool as the super compact size of the Power Bank. 

Arguably the smallest Power Bank in its 8k mAh category. 

You can easily fit 3 of these in your pocket!

All cased in a beautiful matte finish.


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