The 10 Latest Gadgets Your iPhone Needs

If you have an iPhone, you're in the right place. We have compiled a list of our best selling products and bundles that our customers all love. 

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Before the offers run out, snag one of these as a gift or save it for another occasion while the price is right!

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1. MFI PD Fast Charging Travel Kit

The Quickest Way To Charge Your iPhone

- Power your up 50% in just 30 minutes with the 18W PD Adapter and the MFI PD Lightning to Type-C Cable. This is the absolute quickest way to charge your iPhone while doing so safely. The Adapter also includes exchangeable international adapters (US stock, EU, and UK plug). The adapter also features a QC 3.0 Port for any Qualcomm-powered cables for USB-C devices like the Samsung Galaxy.

Get Your Kit Only Here  - $39.99

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2. Portable PD Fast Charging Kit

 - Supercharged charging on-the-go is here. Just like our Kit above, this dynamic duo can transfer battery over to your iPhone 50% quicker than traditional chargers. Cool thing about it is that the Power Bank is really compact. I mean it is literally the size of your wallet. With 10,000 mAh of battery, you can charge up to 3 times before having to refill it. Not too shabby, eh?

Get Your Kit Only Here - $49.99

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3. Wall Adapter Power Bank with a Spring iPhone Charger

A Power Bank and a Wall Charger Fused Together Plus An Extendable Cable

 Wall Adapter Power Bank and Spring iPhone Lightning Charger Cable |

Personal favorite of ours! Why? A common problem with Power Banks is many people forget to charge them. So when they're on the run and they need some battery, it can't save their iPhone's life. However, this Power Bank is a game changer. Since it is used as a Wall Adapter, it always has battery! It not only charges your phone while plugged into the wall (obviously) but also it's own battery. Pretty neat huh?

Get Your Kit Only Here - $39.99

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4. Battery Cable 

A Power Bank and a Cable Fused Together

 It's a Power Bank, it's a charging cable, oh wait, it's both! This little guy has an internal battery of 2,500 mAh, almost the size of the battery of an iPhone X. This is a price-friendly option if you are looking for a compact gadget that will give you a solid boost when necessary.

Get Yours Only Here - $24.99

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5. Qi Slim LED Wireless Charger (currently out of stock)

Who needs cables?


The perfect compliment to a night stand or an office desk. Super slim design and powered by 7.5W, this puppy can charge faster than most Qi Wireless chargers in the market while looking great doing so.

Get Yours Only Here

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6. 10 ft. MFI iPhone Charger 

Charge From The Living Room To The Kitchen


We feel like this charger is an absolute must if you like to entertain guests or have a far away outlet from the couch. Think about it, you're chilling in your couch at 1% battery while playing Candy Crush. You don't want to move spots, you just want to charge while playing but the outlet is 8 feet away. Well, I introduce to you the perfect solution.

Get Yours Only Here - $17.99

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7. XL Power Bank 20000 with Spring iPhone Charger

The Almighty. Huge Battery Capacity For 5 Refills.  


The big dog. The one that charge your iPhone 3 times and still have more battery left over. This way you don't have to always worry about recharging it. 

Get Yours Only Here - $59.99

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8. Magnetic iPhone Charger 

The Easy Way To Charge

 Magnetic iPhone Lightning Charger |

Get Yours Only Here - $18.99

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9. 4 in 1 Cable 

The Octopus of Chargers

 This cable is not strictly for your iPhone but it comes in super functional for a variety of reasons. This one cable stems out to 2 Lightning cables, one Type-C cable, and one Micro USB cable. If you are the type of person that likes to be ready for anything or have multiple devices (like power banks or controllers) that need different charging ports, this is a great, cost-efficient solution. 

Get Yours Only Here - $21.99

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10. Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank

 When A Power Bank and A Wireless Charger Meet


 The Power Bank that needs no cables. 

Get Yours Only Here

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